Thursday, October 12, 2006

slowly but surely.

The new pad is coming along nicely, allbeit slowly. We finally got Bobby's room put together last weekend; his closet just has a bunch of stuff in it that isn't his (baby brother's stuff, stepsister's stuff). Now all he's missing is a desk and a chair. I scoped a cute folding desk at Target a few months ago that was on clearance last time I saw it; maybe I can get it this weekend if it's still there. And Wal-Mart had this cute wooden egg-looking chair on clearance. I'll have to check that out too; if it's gone I can always just go to IKEA. I LOVE IKEA.

My studio/office (read: the sunroom) is coming together too. I have a few more art pieces and photos to put up, but then I'll be set! All of the artwork in this room is done by Bobby, and the photographs are mine. I'm looking forward to posting pictures of everything once I'm done.

Then there's the laundry. No comment.


Maeghan said...

Hi Natty,
Good to hear that you are coming along with the new place. I love Ikea too! I do have quite some stuff from there - the sofa, the carpet, the beds ...

Looking forward to your pictures!

God bless,

Dave said...


Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. Always happy to see comments! Good luck with the office/stuio.