Thursday, September 21, 2006

baby steps, revisited.

Two days have gone by where I have been too busy/too tired to sit down and post. I haven't even hooked up my printer yet! I have several photos to upload to my Flickr page, but haven't scanned them yet. So we missed Nostalgia Tuesday. Not to worry; it'll be back next week!

Two days ago (Tuesday), my nine month-old did two things for the first time:

--he nodded his head
--he walked

No longer the Three Step, or even Four Step, King. We're talking slow, deliberate steps, at least eight or more. He did it again last night! And this morning! HE WALKS!

He WALKS??!!!...


There'll be no keeping up with him now. The quick bulldog-like crawling has been bad enough. He gets into EVERYTHING, despite all of my best efforts to keep him away from ANYTHING.


He's still really cute though.

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