Wednesday, September 06, 2006

the baby's toys.

First, let me say that as of last week, my son is the Three-Step King.

Nothing over three steps in the walking department yet.

Last week I bought him some noise making balls from Target, to replace the little green ones that came out of big brother's Nerf gun. We can't seem to find those. Apparently, they all vaporized.

Anyway, each of the six balls has something in it--tambourine discs, balls, gears, a ringing bell, tiny balls that make a rainstick-type sound. He likes them all. Not as easy to mouth as the green Nerf balls, and not quite as easy to crawl around with, but he likes them.

He's got some pretty nice little toys, one of which is this Sunshine Symphony thing. He likes that too.

And he's cool with his Baby Einstein blocks.

So how is it, then, that his FAVORITE toys, the ones he goes for most often, are these?

  • my cellphone
  • daddy's cellphone
  • my keys
  • the remote
  • empty water bottles
  • the tube of Aquaphor
  • big brother's Pirates of the Caribbean sword
  • big brother's light saber
  • big brother's (empty) Nerf gun

I'm spending money on the wrong stuff.

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Denna said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I am glad you was able to have children and I hope you are able to have more. Children are a blessing from God. I have been reading your two blogs and we have a good bit in common. I homeschool and I also use Abeka. My daughter also likes the cell phone and other things that are not toys.
Thanks again for the comment on my blog.