Sunday, September 10, 2006


That's exactly what the Lord has shown us this week. This month. This year.

He's always good to us, but sometimes I'm just floored anew by his grace.

Such was the case this week.

In the past couple of months, random people have given us money. My husband has been given money a couple of times on his job. (He's been so busy the last couple of weeks that he has not had much time or energy to sit down and write about it on his blog, but he will!) One week, he was given $100. Two weeks later, he was given another $100.

Two weeks ago, we were given $300.

Last week, someone gave us $30, and wished that they could give us more. Can you believe it?

These are people who felt the Lord leading them to bless us. It's pretty humbling.

We love to be a blessing to others too. We just get surprised when we reap what we sow. Why we get surprised, I don't really know, but we do.

Well, THIS week, we got a small windfall from people WE DON'T EVEN KNOW. It came at a time when we really needed it, and it was just what we needed: two thousand dollars.


I am still dumbfounded. The Lord provided in a completely bizarre way. It really was above all we could ask or think.

We're told to count our blessings, and I think I will meticulously count all of mine and RECOUNT them, on this blog.

Let's call these Blessings #1-5. I've got quite a backlog to share. But I've got to start somewhere!


qtpies7 said...

Hi, I'm a former homeschooler, though I will homeschool again. I enjoyed your blog and got great encouragement from your blessings! I know that God can do more than I ever think or imagine, but its tough to keep that in mind as you are going through every possible avenue to fix a situation that only God can fix, but waiting on Him to fix it.
I have much more hope and optimism at the moment, thanks!

Maeghan said...

Wow ... I have been writing to my lecturer about his going into full time ministry and he too has been blessed in the same way many times. God's way and His providence is simple amazing. Thanks for sharing!

God bless,