Thursday, September 28, 2006

blessings six and seven.

We've been completely moved into our new apartment for almost a week now, but we've been living here for almost two weeks. Two Sundays ago, a lady that works in our rental office came down to the old apartment while my husband and a friend were moving the big furniture. She was all teary-eyed, and my husband wondered what was going on, since she was there to see him. She informed him that the Lord told her to bless us, and she was really afraid to do it because she didn't know how we would react to something like that. She doesn't know us very well.

Anyway, it turns out that she and her husband have a ministry and she's learning to be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and obeyed his voice. She and her husband accompanied my husband and our friend to our new apartment and delivered several bags of groceries, from frozen meats to milk to paper towels to sodas to laundry detergent, and everything in between. Even fresh flowers. Then they prayed for us. I was floored. It was so unexpected, it was overwhelming. We haven't needed anything from the grocery store since we got here.

Then this week, my husband was given a $100 AMEX gift card. That was also completely unexpected (as most blessings are, I guess), and awesome. He wasn't sure what we should do with it, so he decided to just hand it over to me and let me decide. Yum. Stuff for our new spot. Discount design, here I come.

This week has been cool.

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