Tuesday, September 05, 2006

nostalgia tuesday.

I have no idea how old I was when this photo was taken. I don't remember posing for it. Oddly enough, however, I do remember those ball-clamps in my hair (my hair was just about always in ball clamps unless it was freshly pressed-n-curled or freshly braided-with-beads) and I remember that shirt. So I'm gonna say, age six or seven.

My teeth are really white! That's always a good thing.

My father took this picture. He died of lung cancer when I was eleven. He was an amateur photographer. He took a few classes for it at Emory and learned how to develop his own pictures. Our den was turned into a darkroom, and I vividly remember him waking me up late at night just to show me the process. All of the chemicals were in milk gallon jugs in the hall closet ("Don't touch them!" he would warn). How absolutely fascinating it was to watch all of those photos come to life in a matter of seconds! Most of the photos that he did were black and white. I grew up wondering if that was all there was. That one could do at home, that is.

This photo was developed at the local Fotomat.

I'll add this photo to my Flickr page at some point, and maybe Nostalgia Tuesday can be a regular feature here, as sort of a "Flickr Preview." I've got TONS of old photos. My dad would flip if he could see all of the fun stuff one can do with them now. Gone are the days when they served as mere fodder for magnetic photo albums and slide projectors, rarely to be seen again.

Yeah, Daddy would totally flip.

And DIGITAL CAMERAS? Oh my gosh. Don't get me started on what THAT invention would have done to him. He'd probably have about ten Digital Rebels laying around, all of which would see more traffic than the Google search engine.

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