Wednesday, February 02, 2011

crock pot wednesday: black beans that should never have been.

I like black beans, and I had a bag on hand. I had never made them in the crock pot, so I found a recipe that looked simple enough for me to throw together in a few minutes.

I shouldn't have.

No. Really.

It wasn't inedible or anything, but it was nothing to write home about.

And what's worse, it gave me the worst stomach ache.

That has never happened to me when I eat black beans. Fail.

I am not even going to share what I did, because I don't think the recipe is worth it. I know there are lots of better black bean recipes out there, and I will find one that is good and make it. But not anytime soon. My stomach needs to recover.

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Faith said...

oh no! that stinks when you look up a recipe to make something ... and you're so excited about it ... and then you take a taste and want to gag. sad day! :(