Wednesday, February 09, 2011

the joy of love, day nine.

The theme today is:

"passions and hobbies."

Unfortunately, with my husband's work hours and mine on Wednesdays, I did not have an opportunity to get a photo of him involved with the thing for which he has the most enthusiasm.

He is a car enthusiast.

He has done auto body and paint work since he was fourteen years old. His father showed him how to do it. And he does an amazing job at it. That isn't what he does as a profession now, but it is a skill for which he is totally reasonable and right to charge a LOT of money.

Since we've been married, I have acquired a fondness for old, vintage cars. My husband likes any kind of car, really. But I recall seeing his finished work on older cars (some of which had to have their frames completely rebuilt), and being so impressed with the craftsmanship of the bodies, not to mention his handiwork in all of them. There really is something about a nice, old car, especially one that has been restored.

I have photographed many vehicles that my husband has refurbished, and I found a couple of them to share with you. Mind you, these are not the standard, show-off-the-work images, though I do have those too (just not on my hard drive anymore). These are me wanting to put my own creative stamp on that which he had already made so lovely.

Many thanks to Kelly Willette for hosting this project.

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Faith said...

that is such an awesome hobby! i wish i knew anything about cars!