Saturday, February 19, 2011

the joy of love, day eighteen.

The theme for day eighteen of The Joy of Love is:

"going out."

We don't go out on date nights very often. As a matter of fact, I think in all of 2010 we went out on a date... I want to say four times, all of which happened to be in the last three months of the year. I wish we could do one every month, or once a week for that matter, but it's just difficult sometimes to make it happen. We have, however, seen some good fortune with date nights the last couple of months.

We didn't go out on our anniversary because I was sick with strep throat, so we rainchecked that until the last week of December. The next time we went out was actually in January (lucky us!), because the restaurant that we went to for our belated anniversary dinner (with a gift card) gave us our meal for free as compensation for the ultimate in bad service. With the gift card that we had for said restaurant still unused, we were able to go out AGAIN, and did so later on that same month.

We, of course, went out for Valentine's Day, although we had our two younger children with us (the oldest was at a high school dance). But we still have the opportunity to go out on another date soon, for another free meal, thanks to the above gift certificate.

Once we've used that one, we will have been out FOUR times since January. Score.

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