Monday, February 07, 2011

the joy of love, day seven.

The theme for today is:


Now, this one is tricky for me. I don't have any photos readily available of grandparents or other generations of my husband's family, nor was I going to be able to photograph anyone today. Soooo... I wasn't exactly sure what to do here. I decided to see if I could drum up (meaning, if I hadn't deleted them off of my laptop to gain memory yet) some photos of my husband with any of our children when they were wee ones. I did manage to find some.

With Natalie in the hospital (that's Ian in the background.)

With Ian, a week old after we finally brought him home (Bobby's curls in the picture too).

I like these because it was when these little ones were at their smallest (Ian was 5lb 12 oz when we finally got him home).

I look at these old photos and they give me pause. I knew nothing of photography when any of my children were this small. And that fact means absolutely nothing to me. These are some of the most precious, most meaningful, most beautiful photos I've ever taken.

And I love remembering the tiny beginnings of this new generation of our family.

I absolutely adore remembering.

Many thanks to Kelly Willette for hosting this project.


Faith said...

beautiful pictures of your family! i adore them!

A. Jarrett said...

Love this series featuring your husband, Natalyn.

I love the your honest writing, and I agree about loving photos that you took when you knew nothing of photography.

I feel the same way about my own - but I like to think that somewhere, deep down, that love for photography was always there. And I know it was there for you too because this photos capture the essence of his love for his children.

Great work, my friend.

Yasher said...

Absolutely beautiful - the photos, and the story behind them!