Monday, February 07, 2011

technical difficulties.

My router has been giving me fits the past couple of days. The signal keeps going in and out. I reset it, and it might work, then other times I reset it and it doesn't work. Last night it was not working, so I did not get my vlog, Joy of Love images, or Project 52 images uploaded. I am eager to get all of this work posted! I've had my router for almost a year and it has never given me problems until now. I hope this is not a sign of it's shelf life!

At any rate, we are getting ready for our day at Master's Academy right now. I have a break during third hour, so I hope to sit down and get everything uploaded then. Can't wait to share with you, my beloved tens of readers!

We've had chili for dinner the past two Mondays (yummy!), but tonight is Chick Fil A night after school! Is it weird that I'm already looking forward to that at 10:35 in the morning?

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