Thursday, February 17, 2011

crock pot wednesday: the pot roast, revisited.

And it will probably be revisited at least a couple more times this season, because it's always so good.

Pot roast is an excellent standby crock pot meal. Sure, I'm always trying to think of new things or look for new recipes that I haven't tried before, but when I'm at a loss, I can always go right back to good old pot roast. That's what I did yesterday.

I started out by chopping a large, sweet onion into a few sections.

I tossed the onion in with my frozen chuck roast.

Then, I chopped a few parsnips into large chunks.
I really love parsnips, but my husband and son have decided that they are not crazy about them. 
I like that they have a texture that is much like a potato, but they are sweeter than carrots. They satisfy my sweet tooth while making me feel good about having vegetables.

I seasoned with a bunch of stuff.
Seasoned salt, hamburger seasoning, black pepper, generous helpings of Worcestershire sauce and steak sauce. Then I added (I think) five cups of water. Cooked everything for eight hours. 

Once we got home from Master's Academy, we still had an hour left for the meat to cook. So, I added these.

The purple ones are fun. Their flesh is purple. And the red ones in the bag? Very sweet, which I personally like.

The whole thing was yummy. I am always grateful for yummy meals. I also had the bestie over for dinner, as well as an additional guest, and they enjoyed it too. Being able to cook food that is enjoyable for people besides just my family makes me happy, because I do love to entertain.

I had all of the seasonings on hand, so what I had to buy was the roast, as well as the potatoes, parsnips, and onion. And, since I bought the roast at Target a couple of weeks ago, the only thing I bought this week for the meal were the vegetables. I seem to have misplaced my receipt from Publix, so I won't list the price of the onion because I cannot remember. I do, however, remember exactly how much the other food ingredients cost.

Roast: $8.58
Parsnips: $2.50
Potatoes: $3.99

Let me just say, the last few weeks I have had people come up to me and tell me that they've either enjoyed reading my crock pot posts, or they have tried one of my crock pot meals and liked it. That really does my heart good, so thanks. (And these are people who have never commented, so I wonder if I have even more than tens of readers! haha)

And now, to decide what to cook for next week.

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