Thursday, February 17, 2011

the joy of love, day sixteen.

The theme for today is "us." I am supposed to show you an image (or images) that says, "this is us."

So, here we are.

By many accounts, we would be considered an odd couple.

Although our backgrounds and life stories are very different, we spent our childhoods living not very far from each other in the city of Atlanta.

One of us is willing to try new foods, and the other is fairly picky (though not nearly as picky as when we first got married, which is a good thing).

One of us is the youngest of seven children, and the other is an only child.

One of us experienced early in life the pain of losing a parent.

We both have had our hearts broken, and have suffered through the pain that results from divorce.

We both know what it is like to feel like we are all alone in the world.

We both have a fierce love for our children.

And we both share the same view of what marriage is and should be, and are committed to each other and each other only, for the rest of this life.

That's us, more or less, in a nutshell.


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