Sunday, February 27, 2011

the joy of love, day twenty-two.

Hello, everyone! For the past several days I have been having a blast, enjoying some needed down-time with my family, resting, and visiting with friends. I've got a few days' worth of blogging to catch up on, and am starting this evening.

Before I get on with my Joy of Love photo, a couple of updates...

I did make a crock pot meal last Wednesday. It was a fail for me. Not because my family didn't eat it or said that they hated it, but because I couldn't taste it.

Or smell it. Due to heavy sinus congestion.

I knew going into it that I wouldn't be able to gauge how good the meal was, and that, coupled with the fact that I was really just cleaning out my freezer and throwing stuff together with random spices out of my cabinet, meant that I wouldn't be able to tell you all anything about it really, except that my guys ate it and said it was fine. I might as well have been eating paper soup. So, I didn't write about it. I will tell you, it was pretty much chicken thighs, shrimp, large potatoes, and a heap of spices that I just randomly grabbed... cajun spice, basil (I think?), Old Bay seasoning... can't remember what all I did.

And I still don't know what I will be cooking this Wednesday.

Also, about the button above. My first entry into the I Heart Faces challenge yielded an honorable mention, meaning my shot was one of Angie and Amy's favorites! I'm psyched. I'll be putting that button in my sidebar.

And NOW, on to day 22 of The Joy of Love. The theme was, "face."

I almost scrapped getting a portrait of my husband altogether, because he was being rather difficult that night. He did not want me to take his photograph, and would not be still, or take it seriously for any extended amount of time. I did manage to get a couple of useable shots, thank goodness, and here is one of them.

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