Thursday, January 27, 2011

crock pot wednesday: spicy beef sandwiches.

Today was just another in a series of BANNER days.

I hope you hear the sarcasm in that.

Since my Ladybug was vomiting last night, I decided that we would not go in to Master's today. Good thing I did, because although she didn't vomit today, she still wasn't well and neither was I. I coughed so hard most of the day it made my chest hurt. Yay.

But I did manage to get dinner in the crock pot.

And what did I make? Something REALLY easy. Spicy Beef Sandwiches.

My ingredients were only two. Well, three actually, including salt. One chuck roast and a jar of mild pepperoncinis.

I put the roast in the pot, seasoned it liberally with salt, dumped the entire jar of pepperoncinis in it, and then added a little bit of water, enough to cover the bottom of the pot. Cooked it on high for five hours, at which time I shredded the beef in the pot with a couple of forks. We then spooned the meat out onto our sandwich bread, covered the meat with some provolone cheese, and ate.

My son had two sandwiches. My husband also had two. We ran out of sandwich bread, and they complained, because they both wanted another sandwich. Or two. They loved it that much. My husband said I should make this often.

The meat wasn't overly spicy, but it did have some heat. Not enough to keep my (newly) three-year old daughter from eating it though. (My finicky son ate the lunch that he didn't eat earlier for dinner.) I also had two sandwiches and I must say, the meat was tasty.

It really doesn't get much simpler than this for a meal.

roast: $5.28
peppers: $1.72
TOTAL: $7.00

And thankfully, I already have the ingredients on hand for next week's crock pot meal.

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Patti Lekas said...

sounds delicious a must try recipe