Sunday, January 02, 2011

project 52.

Last year, I completed my Project 365. It was quite an accomplishment for me, and I am still completely stoked that I started, continued, and finished it. It definitely helped me grow as a photographer.

On the last day of my project, I mentioned that I would use 2011 to do a 52-week project. And that's exactly what I'mma do.

Every weekend, beginning with this coming weekend, I will share with you some highlights of my week. I plan to keep the highlights fairly uniform and consistent. I will include a self-portrait (Yay! I am completely over it!), a family portrait (meaning, a picture of someone in my family or everyone in my family, including or not including me... which means probably some picture of my children), an art portrait, and an iPhonearoid of the week. Squeeee!

Annnd I'll probably throw in some extras each week, just 'cause.

Not only that, but I plan to extend my Project 52 into the video realm, and make a short weekly vlog, which may or may not be completely random. We'll see.

I'm excited for the new year. Niki's got some new accessories and we've already been playing around and enjoying ourselves. I foresee myself taking many more photos for other people this year, as I've already gotten several inquiries. And, I plan to take everything as slowly as I can, and really take in each moment, with one deep breath after another.

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Faith said...

very exciting! can't wait! more pictures are always a good thing!