Monday, January 24, 2011

project 52, week three.

This post is getting to you a day late. I spent most of my weekend tending to my littlest one.

She has not been feeling well the past few days. And before that, my little boy was sick. And now, I've come down with a bad cough. So, the whole week has been sick.

With Ladybug feeling the way she was and not sleeping much the past few days, I just did not get around to typing this post until now. 

And this week was a complete bust. I had a slight schedule change at work, which means I am now having to be there earlier on Wednesdays. I didn't manage my time very well this past Wednesday morning, so I did not get my crock pot meal prepared. We ended up having pizza.

I also am not happy with the shots I got this week. Just one of those weeks where it seems I don't know how to use a camera. At all. Everything came out either really crappy or just plain boring. I feel like I am starting all over again, from scratch, after having taken several THOUSANDS of photos last year (I'm not exaggerating). So these shots this week... suck.

But that happens sometimes. Lord knows, last year when I did my 365 project there were several days when I was not enthused by the output. It does not stop me from shooting. 

I know this week will be better.

The weather reports are forecasting more snow. Time to freak out.


Family. So far, my little girl seems to be the star of the family portraits. She's just always right there.

Annnd a heaping of boring un-inspiredness.

My iPhonearoid of the week is here.

And my Weekly Vlog is here.

Sooo, my week was pretty much a heap of crap. I hope yours wasn't.

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Faith said...

your daughter has such beautiful eyes!

i love your necklace!

p.s. the snow needs to stop already. mother nature, we get that you're upset but enough is enough!