Saturday, January 01, 2011

gaaahhh! where did the end of the year go?

I cannot believe that I have spent very little time inside my house over the past few days. Between family business and car drama, I've been running here and there and just did get to relax for about an hour or so last night and ring in the new year with my family. I won't get into all of the details, because they're really not important, but suffice it to say, from 19 December until now, I have had precious little time or energy to blog. That means my December Daily and Reverb 10 plans fell by the wayside. Although I finished my December Daily entries and will be putting the entire book together this month, I failed to share all of the entries with you all. My sincere apologies! Sometimes life gets too hectic around here, and/or unexpected things happen.

This is not to say that our holiday season ended with a whimper. It did not. With the exception of my coming down with a bad case of strep throat the week of Christmas (I'm almost at the last day of my antibiotic-taking woohoo!), our holiday season was peaceful, full of blessings and pleasant surprises, and joyous. My husband and I got to play Santa for our little ones, and seeing their faces on Christmas morning was priceless. They have had tons of fun with their new toys.

We have played games, watched movies, had quiet meals, and just enjoyed each other.

And now, we've entered a new year, full of hope and new goals. I, of course, have my list of goals and look forward to seeing what I am able to accomplish. I also look forward to watching our family grow in resolve and love. The trials we faced in 2010 definitely shaped our character in new ways and we are thankful for the Lord's grace to overcome the obstacles. I realize that this year won't be without its trials, as life never is without trials, but God is always with us, and that is a fact that I won't be so easily tempted to forget this year, or ever again.

As for my goals, I will share some of them with you now.

I plan to promote my business in the ways that I failed to do last year.

Wow. It's weird saying last year. Seeing as how yesterday was last year. Anyway...

I fell off the water wagon around Thanksgiving. I plan to get back on the wagon. I have some pounds that I need to lose, so my goal is to walk and water-drink them off.

I also plan to make more videos for my YouTube channel. There will be videos of me singing, making art and art journaling, taking pictures, documenting my hair growth journey (which I fear has suffered a few setbacks), and probably random, short clips of my kids doing silly things.

And there's my new project... Project52.

I'll share the details of that, along with my One Little Word for 2011, tomorrow.

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