Thursday, January 13, 2011

crock pot wednesday: the pot of comfort resumes.

Snowmaggedon. That is how some would describe the winter storm that hit our city on Sunday night. Because of it, we are still snowed/iced in. Many have complained of cabin fever. Me? Nah. I'm very happy to have had this extra week (because all of our out-of-house school days have been cancelled) of Christmas break. Sleeping in and lazing around has felt really good, and I actually feel rested. Plus, it's given my kids the chance to get the last bit of illness out of their systems.

And, it's made me reflect on how happy I am to have plenty of food in the house.

I resumed my weekly crock pot meal schedule today, even though we didn't have Master's Academy. I just wanted to have dinner taken care of and not have to think about it later in the evening. I made a dish that I previously made in the Fall, which was pretty tasty: Peach Salsa Chicken.

You can find the recipe in that post. I will share a few things I changed up here.

First, I made sure that I had boneless chicken.

I used an actual peach salsa this time. In fact, it had mangoes and peaches in it. (Just so you know, mangoes are my absolute favorite fruit, and I have always loved peaches as well, so this was the perfect salsa for me.)

I also used one jar of peaches in 100% fruit juice, because I couldn't find a can of peaches in water at the store this time.

I also seasoned with cumin, because I like it, in addition to some seasoned salt. My only quibble is that I could have been a little more heavy-handed with the seasonings, since I did add more liquid this time. Or maybe I just should have left out the extra liquid. Maybe just enough to line the bottom of the pot.

At any rate, even though I should have seasoned it more liberally, it still came out tasty. It smelled so good, and I didn't even add the other jar of peaches toward the end like I had planned. The peaches in the dish retained a nice amount of sweetness.

Next week, I may revisit that delicious jambalaya.

If you have any good crock pot recipes, please feel free to share them with me. I don't always want to make them up on my own. I'd love to hear from you all.


Pooja said...

wow that sure looks yummm .... i think i wud try that !
i found u at blog frog !
Lov ur writing !! :)
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God bless !

Linsey said...

Yum. found your blog on blogfrog friday follow! Newest follower. I love when I have the excuse to stay in, I am very much a homebody and am happy when I really don't have to leave! Checking out your facebook page to, here is my photography page!

Heather said...

mmm looks like a new recipe for my file! Here from BF -MomLoop

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This looks perfect to serve during all the cold weather we have been having. We got iced in too.

Stopping from Mom Loop!

Shareena said...

It looks nice! I would try it! Thanks for sharing!