Tuesday, January 25, 2011

three. three children, three birthdays, three birth stories, three videos, three-year old daughter.

Today is my little Ladybug's birthday.

I love her so much. She's the most awesome little dainty rosebud ever.

All of you, my beloved tens of readers, would love to know her. Actually, you would love to know all of my kids. Because they're grrrreat. What makes my daughter so cool is, she likes all of the best songs. And she has the dopest dance moves. Her laugh is infectious. She loves to read books. She's super creative, and she loves lining her toys in rows. She enjoys shopping, but also making a mess and getting dirty.

How cool is that?

We are postponing her family celebration until tomorrow, because she has thrown up three times so far this evening. That poor Ladybug.

Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow evening, so I can slap on the tiara and clip-on baby baubles I got for her, and we can do the red velvet cake celebration for the wee lass. Then, this weekend, I'm thinking I might take her out for tea and dress-up fun.

Last year, I shared Natalie's birth story with you. I also made a small video montage of her first year of life. (It was my very first video, so I just laugh now every time I watch it, after I marvel over how small and precious she was. I did a horrible job with the music editing! Hahaha! And most of the pictures are horrible quality because at the time I did not know how to use that Kodak Easy Share camera optimally. It's amazing how much I've learned since I bought Niki. It's also amazing that I used to get way better photos on the regular with DISPOSABLE cameras. I should have just stuck with those instead of that Kodak.) And I posted a Facebook album of photos from her second year of life.

This year, I made a video greeting for each of my children on their birthday. Here is Natalie's.

(If you are interested in seeing my sons' birthday video greetings, here is Bobby's and here is Ian's. I'll also link to their birth stories as well. Bobby's is here and Ian's is here.)

Happy birthday, baby. Mommy loves your beautiful face and your beautiful spirit.


Faith said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous daughter! Hope she is feeling better!

Shareena said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!
She is a beautiful girl!

A. Jarrett said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Natalie!! She is gorgeous!