Tuesday, January 11, 2011

natty's season of awesome, chapter two.

This is our second snow day. Tomorrow will be another snow day.

I'm serious. It's a mess down here in the A.

My sweet husby-wusby, bless his heart, he had to go in to work. Luckily, we procured Tina after saying goodbye to Shelly (my little shell of a car), and Tina has four wheel drive. You go girl.

Soooo, he made it to work safely. But. The roads are iced over again, the Perimeter is a mess, and he is basically stuck down there. Not an entirely bad thing, since there is a ton of work that needs to be done down at the job.

But it means that he's spending the night down there. Boo.

So, I postponed enchilada night (always a big hit at our house... my guys LOVE my enchiladas) and am having Lean Cuisine and the kids are having hot dogs and leftover homemade pizza from last night. Tomorrow, I will be jumping right back in to my Crock Pot Wednesdays!

In the meantime, here are some more highlights from our epic family vacation in the Chi, which kicked off an entire season of awesome. It really was the best Autumn ever.

Okay. I am stopping now.


Anonymous said...
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Victoria said...

Gorgeous photos, The buildings look amazing there. PS. I love that you are calling it a season of awesome- how fun!!!