Wednesday, December 08, 2010

crock pot wednesday: holiday hiatus.

I hope you all are having a marvelous December so far. I am.

I gave my mother a body lotion set for her birthday today, because we both have a thing for lotions and potions and creams.

I said "Merry Christmas" and "See you next year" to all of my students at the Woodstock school today. We are officially on break. One more day at the Marietta school, then one more day at Classical for my eighth-grader, and we will be officially on TOTAL break. Woohoohoohoohoo.

I am currently locked in a post-processing dungeon, finishing photos from two different shoots that I did last week. No complaints here though; I love that part of my job. But due to the time crunch I have been devoting almost every minute of my computer time to these photos, and thus have a couple of December Daily posts and Reverb '10 posts on which to catch up.

And, I haven't cooked anything in my crock pot this month.

Last Wednesday was my birthday and I had a full day from start to finish, beginning with the morning. I had planned on going out to eat with my kids that night, but that didn't even happen. At the moment, I can't remember what we ate!

Then tonight, I had no plans of cooking since I made a quick Pasta e Fagioli soup last night and reheated the rest tonight. It was yummy.

Next Wednesday we will be on the road, making what will be our last trip up to Ohio. My husband is nearing the end of his work up there, and we'll be going up to get him and our things. Needless to say, no crock pot meal will be happening.

And so, I'm thinking I will take December off from the weekly crock pot meals, since the main reason I am doing them anyway is to have something ready for dinner when we get home from Master's Academy on Wednesdays. Since we are on a break from Master's Academy, I will take a break from the Wednesday crock pot meals and resume in January.

I will still be using my crock pot, however. At the very least, it will be used to make Wassail overnight on Christmas Eve, a tradition at my house. Waking up to the smell of Wassail wafting through the house on Christmas morning is pretty heavenly.

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