Friday, December 03, 2010

december daily, day two.

So, I got this AWESOME holiday journal kit from Evalicious a couple of weeks ago! I am sooo excited to use it for my December Daily album! It is off the chain.

I still haven't gotten a binder to contain all of December Daily goodness yet, but I am shopping around. I've seen several great ideas on Ali Edwards' Flickr page for the group... so, I don't know... maybe I'll make my own cover. But for now, I'm trying to decide what I will do with all of my goodies! I'll probably get some prints of some photos next week and put the first several pages together.

Yesterday I showed you what's going on for Day One, and I'm thinking a 1 1/2 page spread, or a two-page spread with smaller-sized photos. Maybe I'll make a triptych out of them and use them across two pages. Not sure yet...

For Day Two, I'm going to include something I wrote to enter a giveaway. The giveaway was for a copy of "The Beauty of Different," the new book by Karen Walrond, better known as Chookooloonks. To enter I had to write why I am beautiful. This is what I wrote:

I am beautiful because although I may look weathered, I have overcome every trial that has come my way and not self-destructed.

I am beautiful because I feel that way when I am in my husband's arms.

I am beautiful because my children's faces light up when they see me after a long day, and because my eyes dance when I see them.

I am beautiful because the children that I teach tell me that I am smart. Funny. And pretty. And they do so with the most sincere hearts.

And I am beautiful because the laugh lines around my eyes are more apparent now.

And now, for some quick pics of my awesome journal kit! Squeeee!

A bag (a. BAG.) of goodies that came with the kit. Buttons, papers, fabric, ribbons, tags, you name it.

One of the transparency pages. You can see the corrugated cardboard and another glittery piece (that I inserted there) underneath.

I think I'm gonna use this calendar card for part of Day One, and circle my birthday. I may use it before the pages with the Day One photos.

Evalicious ROCKS. This whole kit is SO my style. Here's a page out of a hymnal, with some paper snowflakes stitched along the side. Hotness.

A vintage-looking card piece. Yay.

Another page with stitching on it in the background--the graph paper page.
But LOOK AT THIS OLD HANDWRITTEN NOTE! From 4 August 1930!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! That's definitely going to be opposite one of my photo pages.

A stitched transparency page.

More goodies that came with the kit. Yayyyy.

That's just a sample of some of the pages and SOME of the goodies that came in the kit. Can you tell I'm excited? If not, let me just tell you. I'm excited.

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