Sunday, December 12, 2010

december daily, day seven.

Tonight, I made this soup. A very quick Pasta e Fagioli. It was ready in about thirty minutes. I will probably make it next week since it's so easy. Also because I forgot the spinach. I will be including the recipe in today's entry.

Swirl some olive oil in the pot.
Add about a teaspoon of anchovy paste. (I used an anchovy fillet this time, but hated that there were soooo many bones. Using paste from now on.)
Add a couple of teaspoons of tomato paste, and a couple of smashed cloves of garlic. (Tonight I used minced garlic because I thought I didn't have any garlic cloves left on hand. I forgot that I actually did.)
Mash it all together, and once it is heated and mixed, add about a quart of chicken stock. Bring it to a rolling boil, then add the tortellini pasta. About five minutes into the pasta cooking, add a can of rinsed cannellini beans, along with several basil leaves torn into pieces, some dried oregano, salt, and pepper.
Right before the pasta is done (after about ten minutes), add a cup of fresh spinach (which I forgot). When the spinach has wilted, the soup is ready. Garnish with parmesan cheese, even if it's the fake kind.

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Faith said...

that looks really delish! seems easy too! i have so many new recipes to try! i have to stop looking!