Friday, December 10, 2010

december daily, day five.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese today for a birthday party. One of Ian's classmates turned five, and he also attended Ian's party the week before. Ian's party was also at Chuck E. Cheese, so that was two trips to the magical pizza wonderland in one week. Fitting for us though, since my little ones' first time ever at Chuck E. Cheese was Ian's party. They had been saying how they wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheesus for a while now.

Yes. "Cheesus." Like Jesus.

They had a blast today just like they did last week. I also got to have a little fun too. I love skee ball so I got a lot of tickets that way. Here are some highlights of our fun time today.

I love that last one. It looks like it's some kind of scene out of 'Doctor Who' or something.

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Faith said...

i love that last photo too! it's incredible! i went to Chuck E Cheese a year ago and i had such a blast! i want to go again but i have no excuse right now, haha.