Monday, December 06, 2010

december daily, day four.

For today's December Daily installment, I will be including a photo that a friend took. We went out on this rainy Saturday night, I and seven girlfriends, to eat and celebrate my birthday. It was the 3rd annual Natty's Birthday Girl's Night Out! We went out to an Asian fusion place, and had a grand old time.

I spent the earlier part of the day cooped in my cozy little home, away from the harsh elements, working feverishly on photos from two shoots that I did this week. So, when it came time to go out, I was ready for a few hours of girly time with my friends. My son, being the amazing son that he is, babysat the kidlets for me and they watched movies and had Steak and Shake. Netflix is AWESOME, if you don't know.

Since the photo was taken by my friend, I don't actually have it yet. So I will probably do a little bit of journaling and include the photo later. Somewhere in the journaling I will include the fact that 125 people sent me a birthday greeting on my actual birthday. That was the illest. :)))

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