Monday, November 08, 2010

art every day month, day eight.

I did not do anything for AEDM over the weekend, because I was occupied with my little Rosebud, who was very sick. She had the most awful sounding cough, which made her cry and of course the cry sounded awful, since it was part awful-cough and part no-voice. She was miserable. Absolutely miserable. This was the sickest she's ever been since she's been alive. Or it was at the very least the worst she's ever sounded. She clung to me like ivy on a brick building.

Today, she is just normal under-the-weather. So, that's much better to me. I suspect she'll be 100% again in the next couple of days.

And now, I am back to writing the text for her book.

Here is my new text for the day.

Purple is also called Violet.
It is grape-flavored Kool-Aid.
(Isn't that your favorite? Or is it Red?)
It is grape Now 'N Laters. And grape lollipops. 
Not all grapes are purple, but the juiciest ones are.
Purple sure is yummy.

What can one say about pink?
It's pretty. It's girly.
It's cotton candy and frilly skirts.
Pink is the color of piglets. And piggy banks.
It is also the color of giant bubblegum bubbles.

That makes ten colors. I think that's all I'm gonna do.

Next up, Spanish translation of the text.

And, to make up for being gone all weekend, I'll share a couple of photos with you too.

Okay. That was more than a couple. Just thought I'd hook y'all up.

I'm glad Conan O'Brien's back on TV.

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