Tuesday, November 02, 2010

art every day month, day two.

Here we are at Day Two. Day Two of me drinking my twenty full ounces of SmartWater, and Day Two of my month of art.

As I said yesterday, some of the things on which I will be focusing are things that I am making for loved ones. One of the things is a gift for my daughter. I don't know yet if it will be a Christmas gift or a birthday gift (she'll be three in January). I guess it depends on when I can get it completely finished. It is something I have had in my mind to do since this time last year.

It's a book of colors.

I am going to make a book, with one color for every two-page spread, give her several varied shades of each color, and tell her things about each color. I have decided to write some text for some of the primary colors first. Today I'll be sharing some of that text with you. At least the rough draft of some of the text.

Oh, and by the way. The book is going to be bilingual. So, once I have decided for sure what I am going to say in English, I will share it with you in Spanish too.

Here goes.

Red is the color of your favorite flavor of Kool-aid.
(Or is it grape?)
It is the color of the happy paper hearts that you cut out for Valentine's Day.
It's your cheeks when you blush from the cold air outside.
It is the smell of fresh strawberries.
And Red is the jolliest of laughs.

Blue is the color of your Daddy's eyes.
It is the crayon that you hastily grab to make pictures of the ocean.
It is the waves of the ocean, the sky over the ocean, and sometimes even some of the fish in the ocean.
It is most of the globe.
No, really.
When you spin the globe around, most of what you see is Blue.

Yellow is the color of Peeps on Easter Sunday.
Coincidentally, it is also the color of real-life chicks that go "peep, peep."
It is the color of lemons. And daffodils.
Yellow is the glow of the sun's rays.
And it is the bright scent of sunshine.

Now. This is extremely rough. Not the finished product. I plan to proofread it again tomorrow.

And I know the language is not exactly simple. I didn't want it to be. I wanted it to be similar to what my daughter hears when she hears me speaking normally. So, yes, there are I guess "larger" words and all, but that really is what Mommy would say.

Annnd if I had more time I would maybe hire my son to illustrate this for me, but when I thought of this project last year I thought of something much simpler.

I am going to use the paint sample decks that people get from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams or wherever. I actually have three of those decks, and I will cut out several shades of each color that I am going to feature and arrange them on the pages. I don't yet know how I will arrange them, but I am going to give it a very clean and simple look.

I will move on to Neutrals and blended colors once I have the text for the primary ones completely done.
Then once all of the text is done, I will assemble the book! I'm excited.

And now, a note about Crock Pot Wednesday. Like last week, tomorrow is going to be an abnormal Wednesday. And I didn't decide what to make. So, I will make my crock pot meal on Thursday this week. Don't get alarmed; it will always be Crock Pot Wednesday, because Wednesdays are long days out of the house and I like coming home to dinner already done. This week and last week are just out of the normal routine and as a result my time to get dinner prepared beforehand and/or my time to get home and get dinner served and eat has been reduced or wiped out altogether.

And I'll have more photos to share with you all very soon, I promise! 

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what a neat idea!