Wednesday, November 03, 2010

art every day month, day three.

I continued with the primary colors text of my daughter's book of colors today. Here's what I wrote.

Green is the color of life. 
Grass. Plants. Leaves. Vegetables. So many living things are green.
Green is new. Green is vibrant and full of energy.
It is fresh, crisp, and clean. Except when it's slimy.

Black is the color of night. Black is the color of panthers.
Both night and panthers can be seen as mysterious and dangerous.
But Black isn't always mysterious or dangerous. It can also be peaceful. And quiet.
It lulls you to sleep, and allows you to see the stars.

White is shiny. Like diamonds.
White is also fluffy. Like clouds.
It gleams and floats. It also nourishes. Like milk.
White can be an invitation to a new beginning. Like a blank piece of paper.
White can also be a long, beautiful dress.

I'll proofread it some more tomorrow. After I run out in the morning to pick up some missing items for my crock pot meal.

Now, to down my bottle of water.

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Louise said...

Hi Natty, I've come over from AEDM. I like this, especially how sometimes you change the feel of the colour in an instant as in the slimy green and the black also being peaceful as well as sometimes dangerous. I'm intending to add poetry as well as paintings this month too. X