Friday, November 12, 2010

perpetually thankful.

November certainly is a perfect month to reflect on all of one's blessings, as it is a month of Thanksgiving. But as I shared some time last year, any day and every day is a great day to give thanks for one's life and breath. Thinking of a list every week of wonderful, simple things that have happened that make my heart smile and sing has been a fabulous activity. I know several bloggers are doing a '30 days of gratitude' theme, but I would encourage all of you, my tens of readers, to consider a grander theme: a year of gratitude.

Seriously. I get such encouragement just reflecting on my own list. How awesome is God, to hold me in his hand, to give me a family that once upon a time I never dreamed I would have, to inspire me daily in ways that excite me beyond comprehension, and to remind me of his perfect peace and strength when everything around me seems so chaotic, and even when it doesn't, to still remind me? I love him so much.

And I am truly grateful for every simple yet profound blessing that enters my life.

natty's thankful thursday top ten.


Watching my kidlets play.

Hearing my son play the piano incessantly. I am quite impressed by how good he has gotten in such a short time.

Pot roast. 
There I go again.
Darnit if every week I don't find a way to mention FOOD! lol
But hey, I'm thankful that we've got food to eat. We could be less fortunate.

Saying good-night to my husband face to face, even when we're hundreds of miles apart.


Fun sights and sounds.

Not missing a day of my "bottle of water a day" challenge.

Peanut M&M's. I know. Food again.

Traipsing around with Niki and her new home.

Getting awesome deals on stuff for my home, way before Black Friday.

Beauty sleep.

I hope your week has been full of blessed events.


Candra Georgi said...

yay for good deals and awesome pictures!

Faith said...

your children are absolutely beautiful!