Wednesday, November 10, 2010

niki's new home.

This. Right here. Is my. Bag.
All. My gear. Is in it. Bag.
Every. Body. Pay. Attention.
This. Right here. Is my.

Yep, this is Niki's new home. It's a beautiful red bag called Lola. It houses Niki's body, both of her lenses, her remote and other accessories. It was waiting on my doorstep last Wednesday when we got home from Master's. It felt like Christmas. 

I had been waiting for Lola to get here since the middle of September. I bought her when Epiphanie was having their birthday sale. Upon ordering it, I found out that it was out of stock and a new shipment wouldn't go out until mid-October, which turned into late October. I was a little bummed that I wouldn't get it right away, especially since I would not have it in time for our family vacation that was soon to come, but at the same time I was so excited to wait for it and feel like a kid waiting for Santa to drop a present at my door!

I really did feel like a little girl at Christmastime.

I took way too many pictures of Lola in her box, in her packaging, in everything!

But because I needed to scoot out of the house right away so that I would get to church on time, I had to stop snapping away after taking a quick peek inside of the bag.

Lola's interior is this beautiful lavender color. 

I also loved finding all of these little cards in several of the pockets.

A great quote from one of my three favorite photographers of all time.

Right on, Annie! Neither do I.

How profoundly true. I most certainly WON'T be.

So, I'll probably be showing you a lot of images of Lola, along with Niki housed cozily in Lola's interior, and maybe I'll try and see if Polly will fit as well. 

Wait... who's Polly?

Hahaha. I need to introduce her to you guys.

For now, I am so psyched that Mama's got a brand new bag.


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Ashley Sisk said...

Thanks so much for stopping by - I'm now following. Unfortunately, I can't help but drool over your new bag. I WANT IT!

L. Eleana Johnson said...

Ha, I love the opening song lyrics! Very creative.