Monday, November 29, 2010

art every day month, day twenty-eight.

It's my son's birthday today today.

Last year, I shared his birth story with you.
This year, I recorded a little video greeting for him that I hope he will be able to access and watch again years from now, when he is an adult.

But, although I uploaded the small video to Facebook, I have yet to upload it to my computer, so I'll have to share it here later. Due to my slacker-ish ways.

Happy birthday, Fro Magnum.


Faith said...

look @ all that hair on his head! he is beautiful! happy birthday! hope he had a great one!

natty. said...

Thank you, Faith! He sure did. He had an absolute blast and is so excited to be five.

Kathy said...

Omg I love his hair!!
Hope he had a very Happy Birthday!