Thursday, November 04, 2010

art every day month, day four.

Can you believe that I'm four days into this already and I've only shown you ONE photo? Weird.
I've just been really motivated to get this book of colors done for my daughter, and, well, once I started thinking of the text, I just really got on a roll with it and have had new ideas each day. Today I'm sharing neutral colors.

Now, yesterday I shared black and white, which are also neutral colors because they don't normally show up on the color wheel, but they can also be considered primary colors as well, so I lumped them in with green. That way I wouldn't just be writing about one color yesterday.

Which brings me to today. Annnnd it looks like I may be writing about only one color. Because, what can one say about beige?? I mean, really?

Brown is a rich color.
Because it is the color of the earth. And the earth is rich.
All kinds of priceless treasures lay within the rich, brown earth.
Yes, brown is indeed rich.
It is also sweet. Like chocolate cake.
It is beautiful. Like your skin.
Brown is also warm. Like your Mommy's arms when they are around you.

[Oh wait! There IS another neutral color! Gray! I almost forgot!]

Gray is the color of your Nana's hair.
It's like wisdom crowning a person's head.
Gray covers the sky when it is about to rain.
No need to be scared. The rain falls, then the gray disappears.
But if you see gray smoke, take caution: there may be a fire.
Gray is like a silent alarm.
But it's also a lot like... silver.

Very rough draft again, folks. But I kinda like it.
I'm gonna run it by a couple of erudite friends who I trust. Then I may start working on the Spanish translation for all of the text in a couple of days.


L. Eleana Johnson said...

This is a great rough draft! I especially love this line, "Gray is the color of your Nana's hair." I think your daughter will love your book. You're doing a spanish translation too? In my best Yoda impersonation, "Amazingly talented, you are."

A Daddy Blog said...

That's great. I don't have that kind of writing talent. Oh, don't forget brown is also the color (and smell?) of freshly roasted coffee beans... and for that matter the steaming sweet cup of hot chocolate... and I'm guessing your baby's soft skin? Gotta love brown. Have a great day and weekend! Dropping by from Mom Loop's Friday Comment Follow... like I needed a reason. :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping from Mom Loop! I love this post! What great poems.

Christine said...

mmmm. brown is the color of my dark chocolate and my kahlua and coffee drink. and of my bedroom draperies. ooh, now I can't wait to get home to all of the above!!

Lala's Pequenos said...

I would love to see the book once it's finished! I can just imagine what the pictures are like!