Tuesday, November 09, 2010

homeschooling log 2010: chapter seven.

Alas, it has been several weeks since I shared a chapter of my homeschooling log with you.

I don't know. Sometimes I just don't feel like writing about it much. We-did-this, Ian-achieved-this, Natalie-achieved-that, this-was-said, that-was-done, blah-blah-blah.  Week to week a lot of things are pretty much the same routine, and I haven't been motivated to share every little thing that is part of the same routine. I apologize. I know there are some of you who really do want to read about what we're doing, so I will get more on the ball with it!

First, I'd like to share a few photos of Ian's handiwork over the past few months.
Early September. The second or third week of Master's. Once the day was over, Ian came to my room and drew this on the board. I didn't know his circles had gotten that good (they were NOT that good before! haha)

After he drew the circles, he drew this underneath. He told me that he had drawn himself, and that the circles were about to fall on his head. I laughed. Not only was I not aware that he could draw circles, I also had no idea that he could draw stick figures with faces! haha

Early October. I was super-impressed with how well he colored in the lines.

One of his weekly art projects. Again, very good coloring. And even more important, he does indeed exhibit excellent behavior at Master's. None of his six teachers have ever had any trouble out of him. Mama's proud.
(I also love that it says "I've discovered that NAME has 1st Class Behavior." haha)

Another good-looking face. Dudes. He's only four.

And so, here we are, a few months into school, and he is reading small sentences, counting to thirty, drawing and coloring in the lines. Displaying his gargantuan imagination every day. Astounding me with just how long he can stay engrossed in one activity. He is an incredible kid.

I juuuuuust need to find a few hours to sit and comb his hair. He's looking like Bob Marley.

Yesterday, while Bobby was at the monthly high school dance, I took the little ones out to eat. They sat and colored in their little booklets, and I told Ian to write some of his letters. He wrote r, m, and s. "What does this spell, Mommy?" he asked.

"Actually, that just spells... r m s," I replied.

He paused for a moment and then said, " I know what it says! It says, absolutism!"


Not sure where he got that from. It's the second time in a couple of months that I've heard him use that word. I'm sure it probably came from history class.

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