Sunday, August 01, 2010

day 324.

I am getting ready for an eight-hour drive to Ohio.

My husband has a four-month stint up there, so we will be calling Dayton home.

I'm looking forward to the trip. I always love traveling with my family and discovering new cities together. We have lived in Nashville, Tennessee, Albany, New York, and Charlotte, North Carolina. We've also been able to travel to Chicago, which we did this exact time last year. That was an amazing trip.

I'm hoping there will be enough fun things to do in Dayton. I've only been there once, for a family reunion when I was nine or ten, maybe eleven. All I remember, besides being in the hotel watching my relatives playing cards and drinking Scotch, is the family picnic at some park. Other than that, I remember that there seemed to be a whole lot of nothing.

Perhaps that has changed in 25+ years. Perhaps.

Cincinnati is only an hour away, so there's a possibility that we could just head there on weekends if Dayton is a total dud. We'll see.

I am spending tonight cleaning and packing and preparing for the trip, so I won't be reading or image hunting today. I won't be doing it tomorrow either, since we'll be on the road.

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