Sunday, August 01, 2010

day 325: on the road again.

Driving, driving, driving.

Now, I am used to driving several hours at a time. But I got tired pretty early on during this trip. This does not bode well for my future trips back and forth.

I am just working on psyching myself out and reminding myself that it is no longer than a regular day at work for the average person.

I am such a road trip girl. Being on the road always reminds me of the myriad of times that I was traveling on the road with my parents or other relatives. With my parents, we drove to Miami at least twice for family reunions, as well as to several lesser-known places in South Georgia. We drove to St. Louis. I traveled with my mother to Chicago, West Virginia, Detroit and Canada. Not to mention rides on the bus a couple of times to Chicago with my great aunt, and a trip with a bus-load of relatives to Dayton, Ohio, which happens to be where we're headed now.

I have driven a fourteen-passenger van, towing a 14 ft. trailer from Georgia to Florida to Alabama to Tennessee to South Carolina to Arkansas and back. I've driven to Tulsa, Oklahoma twice. And I've covered the whole of the East Coast, from as far north as Kittery, Maine all the way to Tampa Bay.

Not only that, but I have traipsed my happy butt all over southern Mexico on a bus, as well as large chunks of Italy and England. I've seen the Austrian and Slovenian countrysides, on a bus. Being on the road just seems to be in my blood. Give me a pair of headphones, some peanut M&M's, and enough batteries to keep my walkman going (or nowadays, just give me my iPhone charger), and I'm good to go.

It's relaxing for me, I think partly because the memories I have of traveling with my parents are such wonderful ones. We always had these great adventures, it seems. And discovering new places was always fun and kept me alert and interested. It's all the same for me now, as I explained last year.

I'm so thankful that I get to have these relaxing road trip moments again.

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