Saturday, August 28, 2010

day 349: frida.


Well, praise the Lord! I don't feel 100% again yet, but today has been waaaaay better than Wednesday and yesterday. Which is good, since I needed to take my son to the mall and buy him a couple of items of clothing.

No, I do not do a whole lot of clothes shopping at the mall, because of the prices. But it's been a while since I got him ANYTHING, and I wanted to treat him since he has done so well these first couple of weeks of school. Year Four at Classical is no joke, so we've heard. He has met the challenge so far.

So, I took him to Heritage 1981 and Hot Topic and Aeropostale and got some things. His style is very cool-nerdy, so we ended up with stuff that definitely made him look the part. Actually, he looked very much the DJ. Very Kid Cudi. We like Kid Cudi.

He can't wear his Deadmau5 t-shirt to Master's or Classical because of uniforms, but that's okay. Everything else will do fine for school.

Speaking of school, this is Frida.

She was my little ladybug's present, among a couple of other things, her first Christmas.

Frida has sat on the shelf, but lately she has seen much playtime with Natalie. I think, however, that I may need to shelve Frida once more so that Natalie does not tear her up!

But what I really wanted was for Frida to be Natalie's doll buddy during school time.

Digital Field Guide: page 103

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