Friday, August 06, 2010

day 330.

I have discovered that Dayton has many nice parks.

We found one today, and it's more of a "walk-around-and-sit-on-a-nice-bench-and-look-at-all-the-pretty-scenery" park than a "great!-now-the-kids-can-run-around-on-the-playground-until-they-wear-themselves-slap-out" park. But the kids did run around for a little bit on this little patch of grass. And I was able to sit on the nice bench and admire all the pretty scenery, which included a large fountain in the middle of the (I guess it's Miami??) river.

Look at all my youngun's hair. It really is gorgeous. My oldest said he looks like Dragonball Z. I think he's right.

Digital Field Guide: page 99

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