Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my blogiversary.

On 18 August 2006, I started this blog.

I wrote mostly about random things my kids were doing, funny things my oldest one would say, what I was cooking in the kitchen, and sermons from church that I wanted to remember. That was pretty much it. Here is my first post, entitled 'My Son's Firsts.'

I also wrote a special post every Tuesday and would include an old photo from my life or, eventually, a list of songs from different years in my life that were popular and brought back memories for me. I made it into a series called "Nostalgia Tuesday." (I know everyone else does something that alliterates, like "Freaky Friday" or "Thanksgiving Thursday" or something like that. I didn't. Because a.) none of the days of the week start with the letter 'N' and b.) I'm different like that.)

Life got a little more wild and I eventually got tired of blogging. So I stopped. I'm pretty sure no one was reading it on the regular anyway, so I didn't feel like I was flaking out on anyone.

Then, on 18 August 2009, I started blogging again. I felt inspired to pick up the task of journaling my life again so I could go back and remember moments that had passed. Fall does that to me every year, and the beauty of the season hit me HARD last year.

I may have possibly gotten blogger burnout again and stopped a few months or a year later, had I not happened upon Tasra Dawson and decided to do a 365 project.

This project really has changed my life.

I am twenty-four days away from the end of my year-long project, and I am amazed at what has transpired. I'm also amazed that my humble little blog looks much different than it did when it first started.

I called it "The Living Well" after thinking about how I wanted to become someone that younger women could come to for wisdom and advice, like what is described in Titus 2. I envisioned myself as this deep well of wisdom from which anyone could come and draw when they were in need. I've also taught hundreds of students over the years and am always mindful of being an example and a sound influence on them.

In honor of my precious blogiversary, I am doing a giveaway! My first.

I will be giving away a photographic print of the winner's choice.

If you would like to win a print, go to the Rosebud Photography Fan Page on Facebook and take a look at the still life art wall photos. Then come back and leave a comment saying which one you would like. That's it. No more steps. I will not be pimping out this giveaway or my blog. That's not to say I wouldn't do that in the future. I just won't be doing it now.  :)

I will randomly select a winner on Sunday, 22 August, so please leave your comment by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday the 21st.

Good luck!


A. Jarrett said...

Happy Blogiversary Natalyn!

I know exactly what you mean about the 365 project changing your life and photography skills - that definitely happened to me as well!

Love your prints - the pink floral print is on of my favorites as well as the couple with the heart bokeh.

Candra Georgi said...

Blogiversary. Love it. Well---I'm definitely coming to you wise woman and needing all your advice concerning all things mom-school-photography-blog. thanks for being my OH buddy when you're not teaching in GA.

Good to know it will be okay to soon experience blog burnout. I feel it coming. ha ha.

Style Sisters said...

Happy Blogiversary! I hopped on over from the Blog Frog...nice to meet you.


Marti said...

Happy Blogiversary! Stopping by from Mom Loop to show some blog love!

Unplanned Cooking said...

Congratulations! I just discovered your blog (following from Mom Loop) + am happy I stumbled across it. I think one of the best things that I've learned from blogging, too, is photography. It's priceless having all these pics of our kids.

Simplegirl said...

Happy Blogiversary! Coming from BF thank you for visiting me, very nice to meet you. Looking forward to more of your lovely posts.

Mommato2miracles said...

Hey I just popped on over from the blogfrog and have become a follower. And oh my goodness I feel like this might be an answer to my prayers. As I read your blogiversary post about wanting to help younger women etc I am just so encouraged to find a woman of faith's blog to read. I struggle so often with being overwhelmed and scared because my son has multiple medical problems and the unknown is always so hard. Thanks for the reminder that God KNOWS all!