Saturday, August 21, 2010


Another revisiting a page out of this past year's Project 365 book.

I wonder if I will make a photo book out of my 365 photos. Or at least some of my favorites. I know a lot of people do that upon completing their project, or they do something like that.

I might just do that. Go to Shutterfly and make a book. I've never used them before for photo books, but I have heard good reviews. I've only used Photoworks, and while I was pleased with their work, they did not seem to have many layout and design options.

Maybe I'll just get several prints and make my own book.


How to Shop for FREE at said...

I was very impressed with Shutterfly. I used them to make a photo album of my inlaws 50th Anniversary party. It was very nicely done and there were lots of different choices in the layouts, patterns, colors, etc. Visiting from BlogFrog.

24hrmom said...

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