Friday, October 09, 2009

photography challenge, day 20.

So, my favorite drink from Starbucks is the Green Tea Frappuccino. I usually get it with a little bit of blackberry or raspberry syrup added, but this time I think I actually forgot(!) to ask for it.
It's okay, though. It was still scrumptious. Absolutely sublime. So sublime even, that I took a picture of it in all of its green glory.

I call it bliss in a cup, and I actually knocked off a version of my own a few years ago and that makes me very happy. But thanks to gift cards, I can still enjoy the real thing in addition to my homegrown knockoff on a fairly regular basis.

In my Digital Field Guide, I'm on pages 38 and 39 which review the programmed exposure modes. So, cool.

Marc Loret Photography has some beautiful nature shots, among other things, and that's what I have been looking at today.

Here is some information on the challenge that I am doing.

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