Thursday, October 08, 2009

get over it!

I'm deciding once and for all (for today anyway) to get over myself and stop hating the sight of myself in photos. It's only been over the last four years or so, as I've gotten older. But I'm stopping it, darnit.

And I will try to take more creative self-portraits, like the one that got featured on A Little Sussy.


Daisy said...

I feel you on that whole self portrait thing. I use to make fun of my niece who is a myspace/facebook junkie. She would pose a certain way when she took pics and I told her to just be natural...her response, "why would I do that when I look cuter this way"...hahahaha!!
Point taken!
I turned 36..yep 36 this year and I've seen some changes happen that just snuck up on me. Especially after my twins (they're 4 now). I think however I'm lovin the changes, just not seeing them on print I'm workin on it too).
I'll keep checkin in and see how it's goin. See, I told you I comment long!

natty. said...

You definitely feel me then! I'll be turning 36 before year-end too! But I'm trying to remember that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and therefore beautiful just the way I am. If God can look at me and smile, I should look at me and smile! Thanks for your comment!

Andrea said...

I think you've got nothing to worry about! I never take self portraits either (and nobody else takes my picture) so I think it takes a while to feel comfortable seeing yourself in a picture because you aren't used to it. I think I need to step out from behind the camera as well.