Monday, October 05, 2009

photog challenge, day 10: flower!

I haven't taken many photos of flowers, but I do love pictures of flowers. I do not own a Macro lens yet, but I imagine once I get one I will get some amazing shots! In the meantime, this one's not too shabby for the lenses I do have.

What is it about flowers anyway? They smell so good, they look so good, they...well...that's really it, isn't it? They're amazing. Just, utterly amazing.

I read the same two pages today in my Digital Field Guide that I read the previous day. I still don't really understand what ISO means or what exposure compensation is, but I'm going to move on. I'm sure those things will be covered in depth elsewhere in the book.

For inspiration, and, incidentally, more flowers(!), I am totally floored by eva ricci fine art photography. Especially that Dahlia swirl.

Here is the lowdown on the photography challenge I am doing.

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fly.amanda said...

The picture of that flower is yummy. Love it.