Friday, October 16, 2009

found: handmade charlotte.

So, here's a found link that's truly great and is going on the blogroll. Yep, that GIANT list of links on the left? This one makes number seven. Seven's a great number! And it belongs to my awesome friend Rachel.

Her name is Rachel Faucett, and she is the proprietor of Handmade Charlotte and the author of the blog of the same name. Rachel is a prolific artist, having produced so many varied and fabulous objects I can hardly keep it straight. At the moment, her wares of choice are little girls' fashions. Delightful little girls' fashions. Seriously delightful.

I am so glad I have a little girl so that I can avail myself (and her) of this delightful clothing. And yes, I keep using the word 'delightful.' On purpose.

It's delightful because it's girly and frilly in all of the right ways. It hearkens to an earlier, seemingly simpler time, while at the same time retaining a modern, baby Bohemian feel. And the fabrics that she chooses are just so pretty.

You'd best believe I have a few of Rachel's items reserved for my little rosebud, like this little gem of a top.

Rachel is one of my favorite friends for a number of reasons. We're about the same age and both homeschool our kids so we always have a lot to talk about. She's so talented and really cool and artsy and craftsy. She gives me her clothes. (And believe me, they're cool clothes.) She has led such an interesting life (she played competitive tennis with many of the pros on tour now) and lives on this idyllic farm at the base of a mountain with a beautiful lake and lots of animals and this awesome house which she and her husband renovated. She's just a fabulous person to know, and her blog is a treasure trove of finds for those who, like I, love art and design.

Go check out her blog, her Etsy shop, and her Flickr photostream, and expect to hear the name Handmade Charlotte a lot in the blogosphere in the near future.

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