Saturday, October 10, 2009

found: wardrobe choices.

So, it's been a couple of YEARS since my last "found" post. I was reading over my blog archives the other day, and I started thinking about maybe bringing back a couple of elements that I had before. Like the "found" posts. I may not put every single link in the sidebar though; I'm thinking maybe I'll do posts of a select number of "found" links relating to a particular category. If the category has anything to do with art and design, or home comforts, I'll probably put those things in the sidebar.

Today the category is clothing. I've found some great sites that I've bookmarked or saved somewhere else or written down or whatever...

One is Shabby Apple. I've written several recommendations about this company over at thisnext because I am so impressed with their clothing. They have the most awesome dresses. Not only that, but they have incredible dresses for young girls. I could spend a lot of money over there. I think there are about seven or eight dresses on my perpetual wish list.

Another fine source is Shade Clothing. They also have lovely dresses that look ultra-comfortable and easy to wear, like this one. They also have a large selection of items for layering, tank tops and tees.

Down East Basics has a great selection of skirts. I also like their sweaters and tops. They also carry a maternity line, a young girls' line and a mens' line.

Tabeez describes their line as "trend-setting, modest apparel." They've got awesome tops (like this plaid ruffle top) and belts. They even have skin care and shoes.

And speaking of shoes, Wanted Shoes is an awesome site. I seriously want these boots. And these. I also want these mary janes. And these.

And if you have some serious money to spend, you could always invest in something like this lovely Orla Kiely dress, or this lovely ensemble from Kate Spade, or this J. Crew ensemble, or this sweet dress from Banana Republic.

Of course, Anthropologie is always good. Always. It's hard to resist when they offer outfits like

I have found several wardrobe options on Etsy as well, but I will share those in another post.

One day I'll figure out html coding or whatever it is so that I can just post lovely collages of images from the internet instead of a bunch of links.

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