Tuesday, October 06, 2009

photog challenge, day 13: we're all superheroes (to somebody).

My son has been obsessed with wearing this (actually a little too small) Superman pajama top everywhere we go. Of course, he doesn't wear it everywhere, because I don't let him. He's not gonna wear the same thing day in and day out. But he sure loves this top. It has a belt on it too; you just can't see it.

Looking at this photo makes me think of how our children look up to us. My littlest one is constantly following me everywhere, like my little shadow. She's so cute. My oldest was totally my shadow when he was a wee one. This one in the Superman top used to do that all of the time too, but now that he's growing up he seems more concerned with playing and watching cartoons. Still, at times he wants to follow Daddy and do what he's doing, or just watch him. I think that's the sweetest thing.

I am constantly reminded of how my children notice everything I do, even if I don't realize it. How great a reminder is that to think before I speak, examine my attitude, be grateful in all things, and walk humbly before God and others? My children will do only what they have observed. I want to be a hero to them.

I read pages 30-33 in my Digital Field Guide again today and, sadly, my head is still spinning.

Inspiration for today comes from A Sense of Place Photography. Their images are varied and absolutely gorgeous, and are good examples of what I hope to one day accomplish.

For information about this photography challenge, visit this site.

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