Sunday, October 11, 2009

photog challenge, day 26.

This would be a good occasion to have a framing option for images posted in one's blog. Sigh. Anyway...

What I liked about this photo are the little green "berries." My eyes were drawn to them instantly.

Which brings this to mind...I should probably learn about composition and stuff...yeah.

In my trusty Digital Field Guide, I am still on pages 46-50. Not because I didn't understand it; I just forgot it. So I needed to go back over it so I could try things out with Niki.

And no, I am not weird...I just tend to personalize certain items in my life. My Macbook's name is Elaine, but I call her Squishy. Yes, to be ironic. My car is Shelly, because I joke around about her being a "shell" of a car. And since my camera just about goes with me everywhere, I now refer to her as my "non-human bff." And as such, she needed a name. Since she's a Nikon (and a "she"), I named her Niki. I've done this ever since I got my first car when I was in college. It was a red 1990 Honda Civic four-door sedan, and I loved her. I named her Sadie, The Little Red Car.

Wow. That was an aside.

As for inspiration, I was very impressed with the images of Jessica Claire. So many of her photos looked as if one could just walk right into them. Awesome.

I am doing this challenge along with Tasra Dawson.

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