Tuesday, October 06, 2009

photography challenge, day 12.

What caught me about this photo is the fact that the djembe is the only thing that is visible, besides the window. You can't see any of the other things around it.

In my Digital Field Guide, I read pages 30-33. Again. Are you kidding me? F-stop? Exposure compensation value? Optimize image? White balance? Metering?? Riiiight.

I realize this makes me seem really clueless. That's because I AM. When it comes to this stuff, anyway. I'm gonna give it one more day and move on. I think I at least know the difference between JPEG and RAW.
...I think.

Inspiration for today comes from Keith Weaver. I have a couple of his gems on my Etsy wish list.

Here is a link to Tasra Dawson's site, which has a lot of great shots and explains the challenge.

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