Thursday, October 29, 2009


I was led to this post on Kelly Rae Roberts' blog after perusing the link love list for October on Michelle Ward's blog . (Michelle is a very inspiring life/career coach for creative types.) I read it and was really touched by what she wrote.

Kelly's paintings are beautiful. So thoughtful. And the images really butterfly kiss one's heart.

Besides that though, she has only been painting for three years. That's a short time, really. Looking at what she is producing would make one assume that she's been doing this since she was in high school or something. But she talks about how one negative experience when she was younger stifled her creative expression, and how she has found it again only within the last three years. It was quite an inspiring read. One thing that she said that really struck me was this:

"...all it takes is a bit of passion, courage, and commitment to make a dream come true. anything is possible."

Just a bit.

A bit of these things.

I would add, a bit of faith. A mustard seed's amount really, right?

If all it takes is just a bit, why on earth do we let ourselves remain stalled at the gate?

No more stalling for me. I'm going for everything. With all of the gusto that I have, and most definitely with the bits of the above-mentioned ingredients. The joy of knowing I am just doing it without reservation is a huge payoff in and of itself.

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