Saturday, August 14, 2010

day 338: what to do...

We ventured off to another park. Because that's what we do in Dayton. Go to various grocery stores and venture off to various parks.

Dayton is such an anomaly to me. On the one hand, we live in a very nice area, in an extremely nice apartment. There's a great pool, a cafe, a gym (which I have yet to go to), a common area with a billiards table, lovely landscaping and scenery, everything.

On the other hand, the mall, which is right down the street, is extremely small so there's not much in it. There is another open-air mall which is much better, so that must be the place where everyone goes. Really, what else is there to do? One would think there would be more entertainment options (as well as a much nicer mall) in such an upscale area.

Aaannnd, it turns out that the water is heavily contaminated. Awesome.

So yeah. The plan is to go to the salt water pool every other day or so, and venture to parks on the other days. Sigh.

Digital Field Guide: page 100

Images: the Moleskinerie group on Flickr

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